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How to Achieve a Picture-Perfect Smile

There is no denying that a perfect smile can steal the show. It also can be embarrassing if you may be having issues with your teeth and if you are unhappy with your smile.

There are numerous cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of your smile. Before deciding to undergo any dental cosmetic procedure, it’s important to know the risks and what to expect during the process. Make sure you are clear about the costs and whether you will need any special maintenance after treatment. Here are some options for achieving that Hollywood smile.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, teeth can become stained or discolored, especially after smoking, taking certain medications, or consuming food and beverages like coffee and tea. Our Zoom Whitening program requires less than 2 hours to complete in office, and it’s proven to get teeth whiter instantly.

Veneers and Crowns for a Perfect Smile

These custom shells, typically made of porcelain (or occasionally plastic), cover the front areas of the teeth to enhance their color and shape. Veneers last longer than bonding and create a superior appearance. They are less expensive than crowns and can improve teeth that:

  • Have spaces between them
  • Are chipped or worn
  • Are permanently stained
  • Are poorly shaped
  • Are slightly crooked


Take a more modern approach to straightening teeth using custom aligners created specifically for you. Invisalign trays are comfortable, invisible, and will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. The most appealing part of the journey toward a perfect smile is that most people won’t even know that you are straightening your teeth.

Want to achieve the perfect smile and feel more confident about your teeth? Schedule an appointment today at Aesthetic Dental Clinique for a comprehensive examination.

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