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Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnant women should be diligent about maintaining an effective health routine to avoid pregnancy and oral health problems that could lead to complications of the pregnancy. Some studies suggest that there is a connection between gum disease and premature and underweight births. It’s possible that gum disease may cause heightened levels of fluid that could induce early labor.

To have a healthy pregnancy, be sure to give your teeth and gums the special care that they deserve. Brush and floss regularly, choose healthy food options and visit the dentist regularly to avoid issues that may come with pregnancy. Also, be aware that certain medications are not safe for pregnant women and will not be prescribed (e.g., x-rays, anesthetics, painkillers, and antibiotics).

Pregnancy and Oral Health Issues

Studies prove it is common for pregnant women to experience pregnancy gingivitis, the buildup of dental plaque on the teeth that agitates the gums. Signs of gingivitis include red, inflamed and bleeding gums. Elevated hormone levels that cause the gums to react negatively to plague are to blame for pregnancy gingivitis. During pregnancy, be sure to clean the teeth and the gum line and trade the sweet treats for wholesome foods, like fruit and veggies.

When to Visit the Dentist

It’s a good idea to schedule your appointment with a dentist between the 4th and 6th months of pregnancy. Above all else, let your dentist know if you’re pregnant so that you can receive specialized care. Also, disclose any pertinent health concerns about your pregnancy and oral health with your dentist. Relevant information includes stress, past miscarriages and drugs you’re taking. There may be cause for your dentist to consult your primary care physician before beginning any treatment courses.

Have any concerns or questions about your pregnancy and oral health? Schedule your next appointment for a full consultation with Dr. Hines.

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